Thursday Thoughts

Good morning! Happy almost Friday =)

One of the blogs I frequently read is My Food ‘n’ Fitness Diaries. Ashley links up with Amanda from Running with Spoons to do a thing out loud/Thursday thoughts post and I thought Id give it a go!

  • I cannot get enough of my baby. I know all moms say this but she is the cutest, smartest, most fun baby!!! I can’t believe she is almost 7 months old. Time is flying! IMG_0253 IMG_0236 IMG_0086 IMG_0129
  • I am trying to lose a few pounds and give up Diet Coke/caffeine. Diet Coke and donuts are all I can think about right now!!! Its only day 2, so I know it will pass, but the mind is a funny thing.
  • I really love Drake and Niki Minaj right now. Every morning on my way to work Truffle Butter comes on the radio, its the perfect way for me to wake up at jam (at 5:30am).
  • I am working late today for an awards dinner, which is nice because I got to sleep in today, but sucks because my baby will be in bed when I get home. Already looking forward to tomorrow morning when she wakes up!!IMG_3130
  • I am going to begin the process on becoming a certified NASM personal trainer! Im super excited to learn more and share with you guys. Nasm-Essentials-of-Personal-Fitness-Training-Clark-Micheal-9781608312818Thank you Amanda for hosting Thinking Out Loud today!}


Thanks for stopping by! Ill be back later to chat some more =)