Weekend Recap

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend! Only one more week until daylight savings time, and I cannot wait! It will be nice to still have daylight when I get home from work!

We had a fun weekend! Friday we had Olivia’s swimming lessons. Patrick and my mother in-law-came and it was so much fun!! She actually kicked her legs and swam with her head in the water for a few seconds. I am a proud mamma! Fun fact; she is already a better swimmer than me! 😉

IMG 0407
IMG 0317
IMG 0316

Saturday morning we left for Sam Francisco and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. It only takes us about 90 minutes to get there, so its a pretty easy drive. We took in the beautiful views and walked half of the bridge. It was such a beautiful day, sunny and mid-6o’s!

(Olivia was just a tad distracted!)

The rest of our weekend was the usual, dog park, cleaning, groceries, and meal prep. I only did Patrick’s lunches for the week. I will finish up mine tomorrow after I make a quick stop at Trader Joes.

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IMG 0386

IMG 0412

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!