Monday’s Eats


Here is another day of food for ya! I was feeling kinda blah most of the day and honestly all I wanted to eat was crap food. As you can tell towards the end of the night my food got really bland. Hopefully this passes soon!!


Venti Skinny Mocha, Egg Whites, Cheese, Avocado = 585cal

IMG 0440

IMG 0441

Salad, Black Beans, Blue Cheese Dressing, Cheese Slice, Chicken Lunch Meat = 296cal

IMG 0455

IMG 0456

Skinny Mocha, Popcorn = 290cal

Skinny Mocha (yes another one :/, Egg Whites, Cheese, Ketchup = 390cal

Total Calories: 1381

Calorie Breakdown:

IMG 0501 2


Daily Burn’s Black Fire Weighted Tabata (hard!!)

Walk with my babies!!

IMG 0483
IMG 0488

Well there you have it! I hope you have a wonderful day. Cross your fingers my food choices aren’t so blah today!!

The Things I Do For Motivation

Hi everyone. Happy Monday!

I have been desperately looking for things to hold myself accountable to start eating healthier so I can lose a few more pounds. Exercising is really easy for me, it is nutrition that is tough. I LOVE junk, and I truly believe food is addicting. If I have a bite of ice cream, sugar, chips, etc… it is extremely difficult for me to stop. I know it is all willpower and technically I can, but it is a real struggle for me. I was talking to Patrick in bed and I was trying to think of things to motivate myself like “if I lose the weight I will buy myself a new workout outfit” or “I will get a massage”. Unfortunately these aren’t good enough to hold myself accountable. So, Patrick and I decided if I don’t get to my goal weight of 120b in 10 weeks, he gets to buy a new gun. A 600 dollar gun. DEAL.


This blog is going to be a great place for me to document my progress. What I am eating, how I am feeling, and any struggles I may be having. Every morning I will post my eats including calorie breakdown from the day before. You can also follow me on Instagram to get quicker updates =) Who doesn’t want to see a picture of scrambled eggs and avocado?! ūüėČ

Friday and Saturday I ate terribly. Yesterday I got back on the wagon, so I felt a little sluggish and craved more junk, but I made it through. I am aiming for about 1450 calories a day. This is recommended from MyFitnessPal and using the Mifflin-St Jeor formula. You can find that calculator here.

Here are yesterday’s eats with calorie count:


Larget Diet Coke: 0cal
Vent Skinny Extra Hot Decaf Mocha: 180cal

IMG 0399

Lunch & Snacks:

Large Diet Coke: 0cal
Egg whites, 1/4 Avocado, 1/4c Lite Mozzarella Shredded Cheese: 225cal

Lunchmeat, Laughing Cow Cheese: 85cal

IMG 0395

Cocoa Roast Almonds: 100cal

IMG 0396

Cheese Slice, Strawberries:109cal

IMG 0401

Hardboiled Egg, 2 hardboiled egg whites, 1Tbsp lite mayo: 134cal

IMG 0402

1Tbsp Skippy Natural Peanut Butter: 95cal

IMG 0411


4ox 96/4 Ground Beef, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Asparagus,
1tsp oil, 3/4c Marinara Sauce: 337cal

IMG 0416

After Dinner Snack:

1/2C Nonfat Milk, 1/2Tbsp Skippy Natural Peanut Butter: 91cal

Total Calories: 1351

Calorie Breakdown:

IMG 0424

Well there you have it! During the day I didn’t feel so snacky, but looking back I was a snacking machine!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!! I’m off to tackle another Daily Burn workout and hangout with my little girl.

IMG 0390

Talk to you soon =)

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend! Only one more week until daylight savings time, and I cannot wait! It will be nice to still have daylight when I get home from work!

We had a fun weekend! Friday we had Olivia’s swimming lessons. Patrick and my mother in-law-came and it was so much fun!! She actually kicked her legs and swam with her head in the water for a few seconds. I am a proud mamma! Fun fact; she is already a better swimmer than me! ūüėČ

IMG 0407
IMG 0317
IMG 0316

Saturday morning we left for Sam Francisco and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. It only takes us about 90 minutes to get there, so its a pretty easy drive. We took in the beautiful views and walked half of the bridge. It was such a beautiful day, sunny and mid-6o’s!

(Olivia was just a tad distracted!)

The rest of our weekend was the usual, dog park, cleaning, groceries, and meal prep. I only did Patrick’s lunches for the week. I will finish up mine tomorrow after I make a quick stop at Trader Joes.

FullSizeRender 4
IMG 0386

IMG 0412

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!

My Top 3 Favorite Free Apps

I love fitness apps and I love free.

Below are 3 apps I love and highly recommend!

My Fitness Pal

IMG_0276This is my favorite weight-loss app. Tracking calories aren’t for everyone but it works really well for me. I have tried many diets (Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet to name a few) and calorie counting has always worked the best for me. I am not trying to be a body builder, I am just trying to be a healthy fit mom. My Fitness Pal gives me a suggested calorie count to reach my goals, and has a huge food database making it easy to list foods.

Nike Training+ Club






This is an awesome fitness app. It has tons of workouts you can do anywhere. You can find workouts based on level, time, and equipment needed. I workout at home a lot and this is a great option to get your heart pumping!

Map My Run

I don’t run too often anymore, but I always like tracking my runs when I did. I use to use the Nike running app, but that one always paused randomly during my run! Since switching to Map My Run, I haven’t run into this issue. I only use it to monitor time and distance, and it does the trick!

What are your favorite fitness apps?

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning! Happy almost Friday =)

One of the blogs I frequently read is My Food ‘n’ Fitness Diaries. Ashley links up with Amanda from Running with Spoons to do a thing¬†out loud/Thursday thoughts post and I thought Id give it a go!

  • I cannot get enough of my baby. I know all moms say this but she is the cutest, smartest, most fun baby!!! I can’t believe she is almost 7 months old. Time is flying!¬†IMG_0253 IMG_0236 IMG_0086 IMG_0129
  • I am trying to lose a few pounds and give up Diet Coke/caffeine. Diet Coke and donuts are all I can think about right now!!! Its only day 2, so I know it will pass, but the mind is a funny thing.
  • I really love Drake and Niki Minaj right now. Every morning on my way to work Truffle Butter comes on the radio, its the perfect way for me to wake up at jam (at 5:30am).
  • I am working late today for an awards dinner, which is nice because I got to sleep in today, but sucks because my baby will be in bed when I get home. Already looking forward to tomorrow morning when she wakes up!!IMG_3130
  • I am going to begin the process on becoming a certified NASM personal trainer! Im super excited to learn more and share with you guys.¬†Nasm-Essentials-of-Personal-Fitness-Training-Clark-Micheal-9781608312818Thank you Amanda for hosting¬†Thinking Out Loud¬†today!}


Thanks for stopping by! Ill be back later to chat some more =)

Body Like Jello

Hey guys!

If there are more errors than normal thats because my body is jello. Seriously. I am on day 3 of the Daily Burn’s Black Fire program and it is no joke. I am usually not a fan of workout videos but this is only about 30min per workout and is hard!!! Love it! Today started with Black Fire’s ABC 1 taught by Anja Garcia. I love her and Bob Harper! They are great trainers and really motivate you throughout the workout.¬†The hardest move today was jumping back and forth over our mat while slapping the top of your knees…for 5 rounds. Holy crap.
image1After the workout Olivia, Lola and I picked up some necessities (Diet Coke & Starbucks) and returned home.
After my venti skinny decaf mocha and diet coke, I made an egg white scramble with 3/4c egg whites, 1/4c Trader Joes lite mozzarella cheese, and 1/4 of an avocado with a 100 calorie pack of Coca Roasted almonds –my favorite!
IMG_0181Then I went to Starbucks again (addict) and got a reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich.

Olivia has been a little crabby today, so it was easiest for me to go through the drive-thru while she napped. Then I consoled her when she woke up extremely upset.
IMG_0194IMG_0199Luckily it was short lived and she’s back to normal!

Hope you all have a great night! See ya tomorrow =)

Weekend Recap

Good morning! Hopefully your off to a great start to your week!
This weekend was a great one! We had a weekend full of family, desserts, and some great workouts! Friday night we went to our uncle’s 60th surprise birthday party, and I had a few bites of this amazing dessert.

sugar coma!

Sunday Olivia let us sleep in until 7:45 (45min longer than normal)! It was nice to get some extra sleep in! After we fed her, we went to Anderson Dam and did some hiking and Lola swam a bit. It was quite the workout with the stroller!IMG_0148IMG_0129


IMG_0131When we returned I did a 30 min Daily Burn Black Fire workout (I am on day 2 of the 60 day program). I really likes these workouts, none of them are longer than about 35min, but they are intense! After the workout I quickly showered and headed to Target, Trader Joes, and Safeway to pick up some essentials for the week. Meal prep was completed, and I conquered about 4 loads of laundry. Its always nice to get everything ready ahead of time for the week, I always find there is never enough time during the week to make lunches or breakfasts, so it is nice to have everything ready ahead of time.

On the agenda today is another Black Fire workout, a walk with the pup, and maybe a stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for the house.

Hope you guys have a great day!