Monday’s Eats


Here is another day of food for ya! I was feeling kinda blah most of the day and honestly all I wanted to eat was crap food. As you can tell towards the end of the night my food got really bland. Hopefully this passes soon!!


Venti Skinny Mocha, Egg Whites, Cheese, Avocado = 585cal

IMG 0440

IMG 0441

Salad, Black Beans, Blue Cheese Dressing, Cheese Slice, Chicken Lunch Meat = 296cal

IMG 0455

IMG 0456

Skinny Mocha, Popcorn = 290cal

Skinny Mocha (yes another one :/, Egg Whites, Cheese, Ketchup = 390cal

Total Calories: 1381

Calorie Breakdown:

IMG 0501 2


Daily Burn’s Black Fire Weighted Tabata (hard!!)

Walk with my babies!!

IMG 0483
IMG 0488

Well there you have it! I hope you have a wonderful day. Cross your fingers my food choices aren’t so blah today!!

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