Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good afternoon folks!
IMG_0298Hope your Valentine’s Day is off to a great start. We don’t really celebrate too much…normally we would eat a ton of candy and junk but since were doing the DietBet challenge were trying to stay healthy, so just the usual is on the agenda for today!

Yesterday was filled with lots of excitement and running around. I completed a few workouts in the morning, Daily Burn’s DB15 MMA & Metabolic Maximizer. It was a total of 45min. I like the variety with the Daily Burn workouts, but some of them feature really cheesy trainers, and I feel like they chat too much. I would rather a 30min workout be reduced to 20min of actual working out…rather than listen to some random person chat. Just my own opinion =) I do however love the workouts, I am definitely sore!
IMG_0278After my workout it was time to get ready for Olivia’s first swimming lesson!! It was SO MUCH FUN! The first lesson was just getting the babies acquainted to the water, they all ranged between 3-6 months old. It was so cute to see the reactions on all their faces. They loved it!
IMG_0294We ran a few more errands since I had a contact fitting at 1pm in the same area. We grabbed lunch a Chioplte (salad with pinto beans, fajita vegetables, pico, corn salsa, and guac).
IMG_0297IMG_0299Then it was off to my eye appointment. I have worn glasses all my life (since 4 years old). In high school I wore contact and then I go Lasik when I was 19 and again when I was 20 (for a touch up). Unfortunately it didn’t last and I am finding my vision to be fading more and more everyday. The last 2 years I have been wearing glasses, but I finally decided to transition back to contacts. I had a fitting when I was pregnant, but apparently due to hormones (during pregnancy and breastfeeding) it can make your eyes a little funny…dryer, vision changes, etc… I was fitted with a different contact and so far so good! It was so nice working out and seeing things clearly (i.e. the clock, my reflection in the mirror)! Haha…what a difference! I am hoping they work ok at work, sitting at a computer for 10+ hours is the true test!

After our errands, the rest of our day wasn’t too exciting. Ate some snacks, string cheese, raw nut mix, carrot sticks & hummus…and another coffee :/ IMG_0312IMG_0310After stuffing my face, I started some chores and then we went out to eat with some friends. I didn’t take any pictures but I had a salad with grilled chicken and a few glasses of wine =)

Hope your having a great Valentine’s Day! Talk to ya tomorrow!


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