IMG_0063 Have you ever had that moment; your following a diet and things are going great. Your officially 3 full days in. Then you receive an invitation for brunch at your spouses coworker’s house. You get there and there are cheese eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Yummmm. Okay, you can’t be rude, you have one pancake, one slice of bacon, and a small serving of eggs. Its fine, it’s just one small meal that has appropriate portions. It’s fine. You’ll continue the day as normal and go back to eating healthy foods.

IMG_0067 Well unfortunately I did the opposite. We get home and I start preparing my husband’s lunches for the week which includes Trader Joes’s guilt free potato chips. I eat about 3 servings worth. I feel the guilt. I then decide I want frozen yogurt. I get frozen yogurt with a ridiculous amount of toppings. At the end of the day I feel sick from the sugar, and disappointed from my 3 day streak.

IMG_0069 I remind myself tomorrow is a new day. I put a quote on Instagram and reach out to my tone it up team members. I am so thankful to have them. I am new, so I don’t really know any of them, but I still feel so much support.

Moving forward with this blog I will be posting every piece of food that goes into my mouth and the workouts I complete. I have 3 weeks left with the Diet Bet, and want to detox off the sugar addiction I have! In addition to food and exercise other life happenings will be present. How could I not include my babies?!?
IMG_0039I’m looking forward to a new beginning, toning up, and reach some new goals. Thanks for joining me on the adventure!


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