Working Out At Home

Hello! Hope everyone is off to a great start this morning!

Finding time and motivation to work out can be difficult. Throwing a baby into the mix can make it nearly impossible. Here are some tips and my go to workouts to keep things consistent and get/keep a toned lean body!

•Schedule in a workout! I am lucky, Olivia sleeps through the night (has been since about 2.5 months old). She also naps long enough for me to squeeze in a workout.

When she was waking up later (8am) I would wake up at 6:30am on days I was off and workout before she woke up. Now that she is waking up around 7am, I workout during her nap. Normally I can rely on at least a 45min nap, which is just long enough for me to fit in a great workout! I’m not always able to shower right away, but at least my workout is done! 😉 I am also lucky that I have a wonderful husband that understands my need for time to workout. On the weekends I will go to the gym in the morning and he will take care of Olivia while I am away. A typical week’s workouts will look like this:

-Sunday (off work): Gym-usually 30min elliptical, 30min hiit treadmill
-Monday (at home with Olivia): T25 and a Nike Training Club workout-LOVE both of these!
-Tuesday (at work): 30min elliptical, 30min some type of strength/stretch.
-Wednesday (at work): 30min elliptical, 30min some type of strength/stretch.
-Thursday (at work): 30min elliptical, 30min some type of strength/stretch.
-Friday (at home with Olivia): T25 and a Nike Training Club workout
-Saturday (off work): Gym-elliptical and Body Pump

I am lucky at work I get an hour lunch break (instead of 30min) if we workout. We have an elliptical and an area to do whatever else we want. Since there is no extra equipment and I don’t want to get too sweaty (no shower either) I take it easy for 30min on the elliptical while watching a show on my IPhone and then I do some other workout from a YouTube video, printouts, etc…

Workouts I live by:

•T25-Sean T is awesome. 25min workouts are perfect, I love this! I personally wouldn’t be interested in following the plan, I like to change my workouts too much, but this is perfect to get in cardio at home!

•Nike Training Club-This app is great! I usually pick the 15min “Get Focused” and do it after a T-25. Some of my favorites include: Cardio Killer, Better Butt, Leaner Legs, Butt Buster, and Cardio Burst. They all require little to no equipment.

•Jogging-We have a BOB stroller, I love it! This is a good option because I can take Lola on a run as well. Olivia loves being outside, so its a perfect option when we want to get out! I will usually go on a 45min jog around our neighborhood.

Daily Burn-I haven’t done any of these workouts yet (I plan to do my first today), but this is also another cheap option to do at home or on the go.

•Internet-You can find all sorts of workouts by a quick Google search! PBFingers, Fitnessista, ToneItUp all offer workouts for the gym and at home!

Well there you have it! All of my go to workouts. Hopefully you can take some of my tips and implement your own schedule. My number one piece of advice, schedule your workouts by the week or month and it will make your workouts a no-brainer!

Happy sweating!

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